Thursday, February 10, 2011

'Steamy Done' Sonnet.

'Steamy Done' Sonnet.

Upon the floor of dance she swirls the air.
as if her feathers guided motions there.
Menageries of all the richest birds
could never match her grace, worth praising words.

His white striped leggings and a courage white
propelled the Cad across the floor with spite.
Intent most foul enlarged his evil heart
while at her helpless self, he aimed his part.

I cocked my gun, advancing on the scene
But 'fore I walked two steps, her eyes had seen
and DEALT with Bully like a bully should...
by dropping him, quite senseless, 'pon the wood,

Her poise and carriage carried me away.
I've loved her deeply ever from that day.

(c) 2010 by G.Robin Smith, all rights reserved

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