Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'Morning Iris'

Morning Iris

Today does drip upon me each sweet hour
as drops of honey... slow and powerful
Each new birding sound, the wafting flow'r...
Come, come and let me sense this joy employed.

All Nature is this day, a chorus trained
to give to Kings the best, now Groundlings shared
and I, a warrior, worn and pained
drink in this Elysium... Re-born. Re-paired.

I know the moment next will be as good
but I am so enjoined with this good time
I think upon that not. What good then should
be better than when we are all in rime.

All paths are smooth and even is their way
and I am blessed for you are here today.

(c) 2008, 2011 G.Robin Smith, all rights reserved.

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