Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Wonder 'pon the Stars'

'Wonder 'pon the Stars'

Why cast we down our gaze when only slight
that distance to the ground? Why should we seek
this mantle brown when deeply blue the night
awaits our pleasant dreams and guesses meek?

For all that we can reach, our numbers small
can never count the orbs that prick our sphere.
As shimmered lakes do flash, those evening's jewels -
each faceted with fiery stars - give mirror.

Let us create a stepping to those flames
then tread upon Celestial's carpeting.
Upon our Earth gaze back to seek remains
so small. This glimmer but a spark it seems.

Those stars whose worlds dance all about our sky
but mind we watchers what our dreams may buy.

(c) 2010 G.Robin Smith, all rights reserved

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