Thursday, February 10, 2011

"What Clearly Blooms in Voice"

"What Clearly Blooms in Voice"

This paper. This fine sheaf-made book of love-
combed vellum holds upon its Iv'ry flesh
the best of inky strokes and jewel like spots...
a very thick and folding window here.

This book, this tome, this bible of a heart...
So much lays in it for us all to read.
So much waits only good translation's touch
to free, to ear, to heart, to soul, to God.

This volume in my study that I'd touch
is signatured by only one scribe's work.
It is your voice that carries all these words.
Your voice whose gold and rarely witnessed hues
rejoice with poet's meaning from an age
that never knew our Sovereigns at all.
But still they echo out their tongues to us
an echo slow and old that speaks to us
reminding all alive that once were They.

Your key unlocks the truth of what was known
Its gift then guides from darkness with what's shown.
(c) 2010 by G.Robin Smith, all rights reserved.

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