Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Borrowing From Nature"

"Borrowing From Nature"

I call upon the gentle rains and sun,
the moon and stars, the rose within its hue,
the woods and rivers, breezes' laden run,
the heart, the senses, sparrows and the dew.

These paints of words, each stroking silhouette
creates reflections from the world that is --
alludes to what is known and better set
by forces far beyond what I must miss.

So spar with what is given to what's shrined.
In vain I hope to compliment its own.
"So Nature thou art Nature's Art in prime.
So all of Nature's gifts from Nature grown.

I say 'you are a gem -- as rare and pure'.
When I could state 'you're you' and be as sure.

(c) G.Robin Smith 2010, all right reserved

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