Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cymru - The Crystal Instrument --

Cymru - The Crystal Instrument --

The Instrument of Characters are Bells.
The Touch of one against the others Rings.
In Chorus does the Multitude then Sing
and we, the Listeners, do hear the Tales.

'Perspective' brings, to we who travel o'er
that Double Bridge that looks across the Times,
A Heroes' Story that, with Ancient Rhymes,
Conveys what Love and Avarice fight for.

Attend! The Teller draws her circled cloak!
The Stars themselves arrange as Constellates
as she, whose voice-Elysium does sate
the hungry soul with branching balms of Oak.

A Storyteller she. A Bard. A Muse.
We're blessed by words. Her Spell we'll not refuse.

Be ye all well. Your Poet-Photonic, Robin.
(c) 2011 G.Robin Smith, all rights reserved.

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